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san francisco holistic therapist, holistic psychotherapy in san francisco, sf therapist, holistic counseling sfTherapy For Women

Life may feel like an endless cycle of trying harder, doing more, and ending each day feeling depleted, confused and defeated. The life you’ve worked so hard to create doesn’t bring you the joy you thought it would…. So you keep trying. Moving and working and hoping that something will click, that the fears and insecurities you work so hard to hide will find a quiet place to rest. That the inspiration and magic that once guided you will resurface. That the hurts and pains of your past will calm and heal. That the love you long for will find you, fill your heart and that life will finally make sense. I hear you! You are in the right place. I specialize in supporting individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and motherhood (including assessment and treatment of postpartum mood disorders, postpartum depression + postpartum anxiety). Holistic counseling and therapy offers a mind body approach to healing. In my practice I offer traditional talk therapy that integrates the full experience of being human, creating space for exploring mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Healing and change is always possible. Therapy can help. Get started now with a call or text to chat about what’s going on for you: 415.515.6537. You can also send me a message through the contact form below.

Common difficulties that clients address in therapy:

  • The life you have dreamed of and the life you are living don’t quite match up
  • You are struggling with a weight that keeps you from finding joy in your daily life
  • Your thoughts are moving so fast, you feel out of control or overwhelmed, stuck even though your mind is moving a million miles a minute
  • You are in a new phase of life, having just moved, married or divorced
  • You’re in college or just graduated and wondering now what?
  • You are wondering how to create meaningful intimate relationships when you feel insecure and scared
  • You’ve experienced past hurts and don’t feel you have fully healed and been able to move on
To find about more about how therapy can help, please contact me. I also support women during pregnancy and postpartum. Email, call or text to set up your first appointment or free 15-minute consultation: 415.515.6537.