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The Ache of Motherhood

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‘With what price we pay for the glory of motherhood.’
-Isadora Duncan

Motherhood ain’t easy.

Especially in the first season. Especially with more than one.

It can be so hard to know in your heart that the challenges will indeed pass. That you will grow stronger. That you will learn what it means to surrender. That the ache of vulnerability and taste of fear that you are somehow failing is not a beacon of truth but a siren calling on you to slow down and rest and find the golden thread of faith that keeps you connected to that which nourishes you. So that you can survive. So that you, my dear, can thrive.

The seasons of pregnancy, the postpartum period and motherhood can bring so many gifts along with so many aches. Postpartum anxiety. Postpartum Depression. Baby Blues. Birth Trauma. The Birth Story.  Miscarriage. Parenthood. Your Beautiful Changing Body. Identity. Relationships.

When the challenges are mighty, hear the call. You are not alone. Seek your tribe. Pick up the phone and call a trusted friend. Pray. Meditate. Move your body. Finding space for yourself to process, heal, survive and grow is not a luxury it’s a necessity. Find space and healing through therapy. Give yourself the gift of taking up space for yourself in the midst of the most rewarding and demanding job in the universe.

You got this mama.

Please contact me to find out how therapy can help during pregnancy and postpartum.

– Kim

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